Drupal-club - place for learning the system for rapid sites development - Drupal.

After two seasons

We have started with Drupal-installation on local machinery, learned functions and work of different modules. We went from the simple to the difficult, from the general to the special. Every second season we  work on the website - falanster.by. Now we are improving team working skills.

In the clubs all participators exchange skills ( concerning modules, settings, optimization), learn development and how to work with Drupal 6, 7 system, solve problems, which appear during the development process and, of course, communicate.

All meetings are held within  an informal atmosphere. Thei results depend on Falanster’s projects and active participator’s suggestions.

Rules of club, which are accepted by participators:
- All information and knowledge can be spread and change for non-commercial aims for free.
- Software, scientific development, cinema, music and other art types belong to creator and all mankind.
-Education is a right, not a privilege.

The club is also the  base of the Drupal-rally.

We prepare the third season and invite everyone, who is interested in Drupal-learning.

The participation is possible for people with different  level of knowledge. The most important is don't overrate one's strength.

*Drupal is an open source systemfor creating websites and webservices developing. It contains crowd of modules (more than 17 thousand), and helps to create websites in different difficulty levels: from simple blogs to portals. Very often you don't need to have an addition programming knowledge.
f.e. zabej.info website was made on Drupal system.

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