Do you dream to know how to build a wifi network? Do you want to share knowledge how to change firmware for a router? Do you learn free and open technologies? May be you just wish to deploy wifi network for you neighbours or friends...

The Mesh Club is an experimental Falanster’s project about learning and developing wifi and mesh networks in our society.

On one hand the club can be interested who wants to increase technical knowledge, to wide communications with like-minded people and make useful projects for society.

From other hand the club can be interested for civil initiatives, communities, activists, who wants to set up informational exchange on their own events (festivals, camps, rallies, competitions) or in routinely occasions.

The club’s participators will focus on the follow tasks:

  1. Communications with communities and survey their network needs.
  2. Change firmware on different devices (i.e. routers)
  3. Configuring linux server
  4. Installing software for working with mesh networks (multiple servers, multiple gateways)
  5. Installing web services (e.g. cloud store, chats, local wiki, etherpad, piratebox etc)
  6. Creating a web-platform about Minsk social wifi map.
  7. Setting up VPN channel in wifi network etc...

During the club activity we use IT-tent actively. We want to find like-minded people and share mesh technology knowledge in society with help of the IT-tent.

What would we like to do with the mesh club? To arouse interest into theme and local communities about mesh network advantages. To open knowledge them for more dynamic development of the wireless networks.

As a club meeting result we:

  1. Create materials with success story of our experiments and research.
  2. Deploy wifi social map of Minsk
  3. Test and launch some ad hoc networks in real conditions.

Why did we begin the club? We consider, that only citizens themselves can provide own informational security and rights to deliver and exchange of information. For that reason it is necessary to know how to build networks.

How long does it happen? The club meetings occur some times per month from February’2015 till October’2015. During this time we are going to make practical research of mesh technology and implement it in the places, where it is the most actual.

How to participate?

  1. Do you want to join the club? Fill the form
  2. To subscribe our delivery (with mark MESH), where we will inform you about club’s events and month activities review.
  3. Get involved into our mailing list (belarusian, english, russian languages). Here we discuss about routine club deals.

Make experiment! Be mesh!


  • Mesh network is the wireless network, which is built on dynamic architecture, where each node (participant) may has  different role, such as  a gateway into the Internet, a server for some services, a client or just a router which is a simple transfer device.
  • The club’s sandbox is in the Falanster’s wiki.

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